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About Us

The seed of A Father Forever (AFF) was planted in our Spirit over twenty years ago. The seed began to germinate in 1998 when the production of a five-part documentary titled “Fathers”, came to fruition. We interviewed a number of children, women, and men of all ages, denominations and nationalities. We asked each of them what a father means to them. The outpouring of passionate responses reassured me that we were on the right track. We identified a significantly large percentage of societal ills can and were being tracked back to a lack of a father in a child’s life. Our study concluded there’s a need to provide direction, support, love, and compassion to assist his children in the daily challenges of life. The documentary opened up the arms and hearts of thousands of individuals with similar father/child relationships. The documentary was well received in the community and was considered for an award from The Roy Dean Scholarship Fund for Documentaries.

A Father Forever is taking a proactive stand in the community and nationwide. We are on a crusade to take a stand and mandate that all fathers accept their responsibility and become a positive force in their children’s lives. We identify fathers by acknowledging their absence in the home or the child’s life. Many fathers in the home lack basic parenting skills and don’t know who to ask for help and where to go. We are ready to make a difference, one father at a time!

Board of Directors

The Board of Directors, made up of representatives from diverse backgrounds ranging from the fields of business, education, religion, sports and technology systems. Their primary responsibility is to establish goals and objectives and monitor the rules, procedures and board governance of A Father Forever.

Advisory Board

Our Advisory Board includes:  a CPA, college professor, author, law clerk and minister. Their primary responsibility is to advise A Father Forever in guidance to the organizations goals and objectives.

Look for more on our Advisory Board members by mid-December!


A Father Forever’s volunteers are second to none.  At each event, we have a main core of committed individuals willing and able to fulfill the needs of A Father Forever.  We are truly grateful and appreciative to our super volunteers.

Interested in becoming a volunteer for A Father Forever?” Go to our “Contact Page” and leave us your information!