The mission of A Father Forever (AFF) is to provide tools of self-empowerment and uncompromising expressions of love, understanding, compassion, and discipline for fathers. We are dedicated to instill responsibility and accountability to every man that comes in contact with AFF. We are dedicated and committed to helping fathers, one father at a time.

We accomplish this in a number of ways:

We offer monthly “Father Sessions” in a roundtable setting discussing the challenges and frustrations that fathers face from the mundane to the complex. There are very few “new” problems. Fathers share actual situations in our father-friendly environment only to find out that there are other fathers with similar challenges. They realize there is a connecting point and valuable communication transpires from the roundtable arena.

Our “Mentoring Program” is one of a kind and what makes our mentoring program so unique is our focus on three critical groups: Grandfathers, Fathers & Uncles.  The unique perspective and value that only a grandfather, father and uncle bring to a child’s life is priceless.  AFF stress positive and loving bonds in our efforts to capture life lessons and moments to uplift the children and they will remember for a lifetime.  We embrace the mindset of the African proverb that it takes a village to raise a child. The results of the generational male advice, suggestions and wisdom for their children can be life-changing and may be referred to for a lifetime!

A Father Forever offers a number of events throughout the year. These special events provide lifelong memories that promote father and child bonding that are very special:

  • Annual Father-Child Golf Tournament
  • Annual Kayak Day
  • Annual Father Community Breakfast
  • Feeding The Homeless
  • Provide free workshops and seminars with guest speakers in the field of Fatherhood.

We are dedicated and committed to helping fathers, one father at a time.